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For many, Hawaii is synonymous with paradise on earth. And this assumption is also correct – the island chain in the Pacific Ocean is truly a dream destination that leaves nothing to be desired. The islands have much more to offer than just beaches, volcanic activities, surf culture and Waikiki: The individual islands are very different from each other and are a real Mecca for outdoor freaks and adventure seekers!

We joined Ruthie Lindsey and her friends on a trip to Hawaii to explore the beautiful landscape and uncover what yellow means to her.

During her trip to Kauai, Hawaii, Ruthie had the opportunity to explore her relationship with the natural world through new experiences, from reaching hidden waterfalls by kayak to snorkeling along the island’s stunning shoreline. Seeing through the golden-yellow light unique to her surroundings, Ruthie encountered a beauty that she has come to love dearly. The color yellow seemed to greet her at every step of the way, reminding her to treasure every circumstance in life for what it is, a life lesson she had learned over the years leading up to these moments.


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Cheap Flights to Kauai Island

OriginDeparture atReturn atFind tickets
Honolulu11 Sep 202413 Sep 2024Tickets from 219
San Francisco5 Sep 20247 Sep 2024Tickets from 369
Oakland5 Sep 20247 Sep 2024Tickets from 403
Samara1 Aug 20243 Aug 2024Tickets from 4 327



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